2018: Expect positive change aplenty!

Our mission to bring you benefits and innovations that add real-world value to your life, is never-ending. With that in mind, we are proud to introduce a sneak peek into the exciting benefits, changes and innovations you can expect in 2018.

We’ve listened to your feedback, needs and wants, and we believe that these changes will make our offering to you even better… and more rewarding than ever before.

You will receive your 2018 benefit year communication towards the end of October, explaining all these changes in detail, but for now here are just some of the highlights you can expect next year:

A new lifestyle loyalty and reward programme that gives you access to great lifestyle benefits and discounts, including gym fees, movies and live shows, sporting events… even flights and dining out to name just a few.
A restructured and enhanced Traditional Plus Plan, which will now be called Comprehensive Plan and which features a generous savings allocation to cover your everyday services in a more flexible way.
Wellness Benefits that will now be expanded to members on the Hospital Plan.
New and exciting Managed Care Programmes, including mental wellness and smoking cessation initiatives.
Even bigger and better GP and specialist networks than before.

Keep an eye on your inbox for all the details coming soon!