To ensure fairness to all our members, the Scheme rules state that, unless pensioner members prove otherwise, they will be deemed to be in the highest income band. Although the Scheme communicates this every year, it sometimes happens that a pensioner does not read the information, or does not think that it applies to him and her, and then ends up paying higher contributions than they have to.

One of our pensioners is extremely happy to have sent in his proof of income, as this allowed the Scheme to move him from the highest income bracket to the lowest income bracket. Even better – due to this change, his subsidy now covers his entire monthly premium and he does not have to contribute anything!

The call centre agent who spoke to this member has very happy memories of the day she informed him about this change.

“The pensioner asked me to repeat what I was saying a few times, because he couldn’t believe the good news and thought he was simply not hearing me correctly. He was actually crying in happy disbelief and gratitude at the end of our call, and I was also wiping away tears at his happiness!”