Amalgamation update – 18 October 2021

Message from Julia

Dear Member

Excitement is building around the Employers’ offering of compulsory medical aid with choice, and members can soon select their preferred medical scheme and plan option for 2022.

While communication from the Employers and Alexander Forbes covers all the medical schemes and options available, as a Scheme we will focus mainly on Bonitas, as they are our selected amalgamation partner. This does not mean that you will be restricted to Bonitas.

It is important that you take the time to use all the decision-making tools that will be provided to you over the next weeks, so that you can make an informed choice about the medical scheme and option best suited to you and your family’s needs.

You will have between 18 October and 26 November to make your choice. Alexander Forbes Health will be sending out detailed communication, and there will be both online and onsite roadshow sessions to explain members’ options and how to go about exercising choice.

This update offers you links to a range of tools and resources to help you with your decision.

If you are satisfied with the default option for your NMAS Plan, you do not need to do anything, and you will automatically be moved to the default Bonitas Plan.

Yours in health


Tools to help you decide

This calculator will show you your default Bonitas option, plus your family’s contributions, compared to that of your Bonitas default option. It also shows you what your contributions would be on the two Bonitas options closest to your default option. Click here to use the calculator.

This website offers you more details about the contributions and benefits of all the medical schemes and options available to you. Click here to visit the website.

A range of online and onsite roadshows to explain all the options available to members, and address questions. See more information about, and links to, the roadshows here.

Click here to see how Bonitas can add value to transferring NMAS members.

This website offers detailed information about Bonitas Medical Fund, and the full range of options offered by Bonitas. Click here to visit the Bonitas website.

Recap: Why the Scheme chose Bonitas as amalgamation partner

NMAS members will become members of a very large, financially stable and sustainable scheme.
The equivalent Bonitas benefit options offer a good fit with the NMAS Traditional, Savings and Hospital Network benefit options, which make up 91% of the current NMAS membership.

NMAS members will have a range of fourteen benefit options to choose from to suit their specific individual requirements, as opposed to the only five benefit options available under NMAS. The NMAS participating employers have appointed advisors to assist members with the election of a suitable benefit option under Bonitas.
The NMAS Savings Plan covers oncology treatment only in terms of PMB, whereas BonSave covers all oncology to an annual limit of R344 500 per family, and BonFit Select to an annual limit of R166 500 per family.

The administrative transfer of NMAS members to Bonitas should be relatively seamless since both schemes are administered by the same administrator and have substantially the same managed care providers.

  • Specifically, the registration of NMAS members on chronic medication or a managed care program will automatically be transferred to Bonitas and NMAS members will therefore not have to re-register for these.
  • Similarly, members on treatment plans such as an oncology treatment plan, will be able to continue with their treatment plans without any changes.
  • NMAS members will also not be required to complete new membership application forms, as all membership details will automatically be carried over to Bonitas. Only members who want to elect a benefit option other than the default option, would need to complete a form to elect their chosen option.
Please note that there are also disadvantages to the amalgamation, affecting smaller and very specific groupings of members. Read more about these in the exposition document.