Why Julia wants YOU to vote

Dear Member

During this period of uncertainty and change, it may seem overwhelming to have to also apply yourself to voting for or against the proposed Scheme amalgamation. I share the Trustees’ firm belief that this amalgamation is the best option for our members, going forward, but it is really important for us to know that we do so with members’ support.

Please don’t believe that enough other members will vote so that you do not have to – we really want as many as possible members to bring out their vote by the deadline of 10 August!

The amalgamation information is set out very simply in our overview document (see link below), with more information in the exposition document, and our online voting platform is dead easy to use – if you have your membership number handy, it will take less than a minute.

Warm regards


This webpage aims to equip you with all relevant information about the proposed amalgamation of NMAS with Bonitas. It will be updated as more information becomes available.

Principal members are encouraged to study the following documents carefully, and then cast their vote by clicking VOTE below. (The VOTE button will redirect to a dedicated voting platform.)

Voting closes 10 August 2021.

How to vote via SMS

If you prefer voting via SMS, send a message to +27824373312 that is formatted as follows *medical aid number*ID number*1 if you are in favour of the amalgamation, or *medical aid

If you tried to vote by SMS and received an error message, and were unable to submit your vote successfully, please try again, but without any spaces or words in the message.

In other words, if you send a message to the SMS number that reads, for example, Medical Aid No. 123456789 ID. NO. 123456789, it will be rejected.

SMS votes need to be submitted to +27824373312 in the following format: *medical aid number*ID number*1/2

For example:
*1274653*6806250146081*1 (an example of a member voting FOR the amalgamation)
*1274653*6806250146081*2 (an example of a member voting AGAINST the amalgamation)

Employer communication

It is currently extremely difficult to get printed communication to pensioners without email addresses. We will post all updates from the employer in this section so that we can send an SMS with a link and hopefully reach more members.

Nedbank update – 20 July

Old Mutual Insure update – 20 July

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