Another member’s back pain controlled

The Scheme’s Back and Neck Rehabilitation Programme is increasing in popularity as more and more members are controlling their back and neck pain and telling colleagues about this great approach! This is the latest feedback we have received, this time from one of our members in Durban:

Remember that DBC is now also in Sandton – read more here


“Mid to lower back pain has been bothering me on and off for as long as I can remember. Sometimes I over-do it and other times it aches for no apparent reason. My colleague referred me to the DBC Durban (Physical IQ) Centre for back/neck treatment. After being approved with no hassles from Nedgroup Medical Aid Scheme, I started treatment immediately. The care I received has eased my pain to a point where sitting, standing, everyday activities and working is so much easier. I sleep more restfully at night as well and I no longer think about or feel that much pain in my back.

I particularly like the way they respect my time at the Centre; I never wait for service. The staff members are always very friendly and helpful. The atmosphere is very comfortable and the doctors are straight to the point and precise.

Thank you to the Nedgroup Medical Aid Scheme and the DBC Centre!”