Be well!

Some of us KNOW that we should live a healthier lifestyle, but struggle to get the motivation to do so. Others may actually do their best to lead a healthy lifestyle, with a healthy diet and lots of exercise, and no bad habits such as drinking and smoking.

The ‘Silent Killers’

The problem is that, even though you may lead a healthy lifestyle or otherwise feel fine, there are certain diseases that are called – for good reason – Silent Killers, and you may be at risk!

Most people who suffer from high blood pressure, for example, only find out about the problem years later, when symptoms such as headaches or vision loss appear – by which time there has already been significant damage to their bodies.

Diabetes Type II is another sneaky disease… it is estimated that most people will be none the wiser about this problem for as much as seven years, before they are actually diagnosed!

The solution

Screening tests, such as those offered as part of the Scheme’s Wellness Benefits, are done to detect potential health disorders or diseases in people who may not yet have any symptoms of disease. These can be accessed at any pharmacy offering screening tests. If you have any questions relating to this issue, please call 0860 100 080 or email nedgroup.enquiries at