Bonitas aims to offer you the best support and service

The Trustees chose Bonitas as a preferred amalgamation partner as they viewed this route as optimal for most NMAS members. We’ve asked Bonitas to offer NMAS members some more information about their undertaking to you, should you transfer to Bonitas:

Additional benefits for added value

Bonitas believes in giving you more value for money by providing you and your beneficiaries with additional benefits, over and above your savings, day-to-day, and other benefits.

Examples of these benefits are:

  • Flu, pneumococcal, and Covid-19 vaccines
  • HIV, Mammogram, Prostate, Stool, and three Covid-19 tests
  • Two Covid-19 screening (including virtual) consultations by a GP, specialist, or nurse.
  • A wellness screening, which is a free annual check-up that includes blood pressure, blood glucose, BMI, waist-to-hip ratio, and cholesterol measurements. By completing a wellness screening or online wellness assessment, you automatically activate your Benefit Booster, which opens up to R2 730 in additional benefits. You can use this additional benefit to visit a GP, biokineticist, dietician or physiotherapist, or to go for blood tests and x-rays, or to get medicine.
  • Our Maternity Programme, which offers expectant members support and pregnancy education during their maternity journey. The programme includes weekly stage- appropriate SMSs, online antenatal classes, health advice, and more. As a pregnant member you also get a beautiful baby bag to congratulate you on the arrival of your bundle of joy. All members who are at least 24 weeks pregnant may register for the Bonitas baby bag.

You can access your medical aid benefits and more, anywhere you go, anywhere you are and at any time when you download or register on our various platforms.

Bonitas website for information

You can find more information about Bonitas options and benefits on

MemberZone for access to information, authorisations and more

The Bonitas MemberZone allows members to:

  • Manage membership information 24/7, on any device
  • Access their electronic membership card and email it to dependants or doctors
  • View benefits
  • Look up, query and submit claims
  • Apply for chronic medication
  • Apply for hospital pre-authorisation
  • Submit queries
  • Update contact details
  • View brochures, how-to guides and more
  • Access Pharmacy Direct to manage your chronic profile and submit prescriptions

Member App for managing your medical aid on the go

The app is designed to enrich the lives of Bonitas members and is packed with functionality that allows them to do so much more, all from the palm of their hand. In addition, it gives Bonitas another way to stay connected and communicate with members.

Let’s look at what the Member App will offer you if you move to Bonitas:

  • Arrange virtual consultations with a doctor through virtual care;
  • View the balance of your savings and other benefits;
  • Submit your prescription to Pharmacy Direct for chronic medicine delivery;
  • Use the chat function to interact with the Bonitas support team; and
  • Easily find doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies on our network.

In addition, the Member App can help you to manage your health and lifestyle:

  • Get a health score for yourself and each of your dependants;
  • Receive nudges to educate and guide you to a healthier lifestyle;
  • Earn badges (and bragging rights!) for completing health questionnaires or a health risk assessment;
  • Get access to bespoke eating plans from EatForLife;
  • Access virtual gym sessions; and
  • Access Avo by Nedbank, which offers you:
    • Great deals across groceries, tech, professional home services, takeaways, prepaids, and so much more
    • Discounted deals from more than 20 000 different merchants
    • 1% cashback on all purchases
    • Free delivery on orders over R450.

The Bonitas Member App is available for free, from the various device app stores.

WhatsApp for instant help

This simple, reliable platform gives you another self-service channel to access your medical aid information and get in touch with us. But you can do much more than chat with Bonitas via WhatsApp, as it also offers you the ability to:

  • Get your statement;
  • View claims for the last 90 days;
  • Download your tax certificate;
  • Save your electronic membership card;
  • Submit a claim;
  • Chat to a support agent to resolve queries; and
  • Access Covid-19 information and a symptom-checker.