Bonitas undertakes to offer our members seamless ‘continuation of care’

One of the key reasons for the Board of Trustees selecting Bonitas as amalgamation partner was that a transfer to Bonitas would be as hassle-free as possible for our members.

Especially when it comes to members already registered on any of our managed care programmes, a move to Bonitas should be relatively seamless. This is thanks to the fact that both schemes are administered by the same administrator and have essentially the same managed care providers.

Automatic registration on Bonitas Managed Care programmes

So if –

  • you (or any of your registered dependants) use chronic medication, or are registered on a Managed Care programme with NMAS, and
  • you decide to transfer to Bonitas (either by making an active choice, or – after checking suitability – by being automatically transferred to the default Bonitas option for your plan)

– you will automatically be registered on the equivalent Bonitas Managed Care programme and will not need to complete any forms to reregister.

A range of matched Managed Care programmes, plus more

The following Bonitas Managed Care programmes are essentially the same between NMAS and Bonitas, and you will not need to reregister for any of these if you transfer to Bonitas.

  • Chronic medicine management: Any medicine that is currently authorised will be carried over to your new Bonitas membership profile, subject to their Scheme Rules. If there are any changes in this regard, you will receive a communication from Bonitas outlining the changes and the process to be followed. Pharmacy Direct is the designated service provider (DSP) for Bonitas chronic medicine on specific options and a co-payment may apply if you use a non-DSP pharmacy. Please click here to find the nearest network pharmacy.
  • Back and neck rehabilitation: DBC is the service provider for all Bonitas options except Boncap, Bonstart and Bonstart plus. As on NMAS, the DBC treatment protocol is used to treat and manage chronic back and neck conditions that often involve prolonged and severe pain.
  • HIV management: If you are currently registered on the NMAS AFA programme, your registration will be carried over to your new Bonitas membership. Should there be any changes to the funding of your authorisation or medication, Bonitas will communicate these changes with you, and the process to be followed.
  • Disease management: If you are currently registered on a NMAS disease risk management programme that would extend into the new year, for example, the Weight Management Programme or the Mental Health Programme, these registrations will be carried over onto your Bonitas membership until the end date of the existing treatment.
  • Oncology management: The Bonitas oncology programme aims to ensure that you receive the best quality service, as well as the most cost-effective treatment.

    ENHANCEMENT: As a bonus, the Bonitas Oncology Management Programme potentially offers higher oncology benefits than what you may have enjoyed on certain NMAS Plans. Whereas the NMAS Savings Plan covers oncology treatment only in terms of PMB, BonSave covers all oncology to an annual limit of R344 500 per family, and Bonfit Select to an annual limit of R165 500 per family.

  • Mental health management: The Bonitas Standard, Standard Select, BonComprehensive and BonClassic options would allow you access to additional benefits, if required.
  • NEW! Maternity Programme: An exciting service that will be new to NMAS members is the Bonitas 24/7 Maternity Health Advice line, a 24-hour telephonic support service to support you through your pregnancy and beyond. Once you are registered on the Maternity Programme and have received your hospital authorisation, you will also receive a Bonitas baby bag, delivered to your door. We also offer a 24/7 Baby helpline that is available for children under the age of 3 years old. The service is available to support you and your baby, relating to medical advice, to make it easier for you as a new mommy.

Specific communication to registered members

To ensure that members are fully up to date in terms of their potential managed care benefits and the Bonitas arrangements around these, we will send more specific communication to members registered on our various programmes in the following days.

Grandfathering provisions with Bonitas Medical Fund

As part of the amalgamation, the Board of Trustees negotiated grandfathering provisions with Bonitas Medical Fund. This means that for a defined period, your benefits which were available through NMAS will continue to be available even though you will be a Bonitas member.

  • If you select the default plan or a higher plan (upgrade your plan), you will qualify for the grandfathering provisions. Medication and conditions/diagnosis currently approved on NMAS and not covered on the Bonitas plan will be honoured as per the grandfathering mandate and thereafter Bonitas scheme rules will apply. These grandfathering provisions are for a specific period of time (six months) and will be communicated to the impacted members shortly.
  • Should you select a lower plan, you will not qualify for the grandfathering mandate and your cover will be subject to the Bonitas scheme rules from 1 January.

Want a reminder of the amalgamation facts?

You can revisit the the amalgamation overview document or the exposition document for more information – see the top of the NMAS Amalgamation webpage.