Consultants going the extra mile for you

We often receive very positive feedback on the levels of service provided by our Customer Service Centre Staff, but every now and then a member, or one of their family members, sends us a letter that truly warms our heart. In this case, we especially appreciated the very positive feedback as it was from someone very familiar with the industry. The following is an extract from the letter we received…

Dear Medscheme

I act on behalf of my mother-in law, a 79-year old pensioner, who is a member of the Nedgroup Medical Scheme and who underwent a hip-replacement operation on 22 September 2016.

I contacted Ms Sheila Molobi for assistance with numerous claim queries in respect of the various aspects of the operation; i.e. the DSP Surgeon; the Non-DSP associated practitioners like the Anaesthetist and Endocrinologist; Post-op Physiotherapy, Medication and many other claims associated with the operation.

I want to most sincerely compliment Ms Sheila Molobi for her efficient service at all times, her caring demeanour and her excellent product knowledge and her ability to convey Medscheme’s administration processes in a manner understandable to consumers.

To provide some background, I am a Consumer Medical Scheme Rights Activist in my personal and totally voluntary capacity; and have not only dealt with many Medical Schemes, but I am also a Stakeholder in the Competition Commission Inquiry into Private Healthcare. I am also very active in the media, and have contributed on many press articles on particularly PMB rights.

Therefore, my sincere high praise for the exemplary service of Ms Sheila Molobi, who is BY FAR the most efficient and pleasant, as well as trustworthy, Medical Scheme Administrator that I have yet dealt with during my 2 years as an activist. She is truly an asset to Medscheme.

Warmest regards
Angela Drescher