Covid-19 and your mental health

The Covid-19 pandemic is placing each of us under even more stress than usual, and predictions are that it will significantly increase mental health problems in the medium and longer term. Please be mindful of your mental health and get help if you need it.

  • Our blogpost Mental health – where are you in the spectrum?, offers handy links to various resources.
  • You can also watch this animated video to see how others are coping with the impact of Covid-19, and for tips on how to cope with the feelings you may be struggling with right now.
  • If you are concerned about your levels of stress, take our quick stress quiz to get an idea of your relative stress and whether you should consider doing something about it.
Although it may seem daunting to do so, why not regard the pandemic as an opportunity for improving your mental and overall health? Despite the stresses of lockdown and worries about our own and loved ones’ health, many people have discovered that they now have more time (and motivation) to strike a healthier work-life balance by doing things such as spending more time with family, cooking healthy meals at home, getting more exercise, and spending time outdoors for a healthy dose of vitamin D!