Covid-19 update from our Administrator

The third wave

As we transition into winter, the country is experiencing the beginnings of the third wave of Covid-19 infections, which could be even more devastating than the second wave experienced earlier this year. Experts say the magnitude of the surge will depend on the pace of vaccinations, the willingness of the public to abide by physical distancing and other public-health measures, and the extent to which the virus creates new variants.

The second wave was driven by the emergence of the new variant, 501Y.V2, which was more transmissible than the initial variant. As the virus keeps mutating, there remains the possibility of additional variants, which may be able to bypass immunisation, and may also be more transmissible. We must ensure that we are all wearing our masks, washing our hands, and keeping our distance. Avoiding crowds, confined spaces, and close contact also remain important in infection prevention. A third wave is likely, but our behaviour as individuals can help to reduce its impact and save lives.

Safety of the Covid-19 vaccines

Countries around the world are rolling out Covid-19 vaccines and a key topic of interest is their safety. Like all vaccines, Covid-19 vaccines have gone through a rigorous, multi-stage testing process that includes large clinical trials with tens of thousands of people. These trials are specifically designed to identify any safety concerns.

Covid-19 vaccines have been tested in large, randomised controlled trials that include people of a broad age range, both sexes, different ethnicities, and those with known medical conditions. The vaccines have shown a high level of efficacy across all populations, and have been found to be safe and effective. All vaccines that are currently allowed in South Africa are safe, effective, and reduce your risk of experiencing severe Covid-19 illness.

Registration process for over 35s

If you are 35 years or older, you are eligible to receive the Covid-19 vaccine. Read more about this in the next article in this newsletter, and register on EVDS.

AfroCentric Group’s vaccination sites

We have set up our world-class vaccination sites that adhere to all the required safety regulations and are staffed and managed by private healthcare workers. Once you have registered on EVDS, get your jab at one of our world-class vaccination sites, most of which are open from Monday to Friday, 08:00 – 16:00*:

  • Medscheme Roodepoort: 37 Conrad St, Florida North, Roodepoort
  • Pharmacy Direct Louwlardia: 21 Watershed Close, Louwlardia, Centurion
  • Medscheme Cape Town: Building F, The Boulevard Office Park, Searle St, Woodstock
  • Medscheme Durban: 102 Stephen Dlamini Rd, Musgrave, Berea
  • Sanlam Bellville: Sanlam Head Office, 2 Strand Street, Bellville
  • Sanlam Bellville: Sanlam Head Office, 2 Strand Street, Bellville

*Please note: Some of these sites may be temporarily closed from time to time, due to political unrest.

Covid-19 Portal

There is a great deal of information on the vaccination process, vaccines safety and precautions to keep safe. In order to keep updated, visit Medscheme’s new NMAS Covid-19 portal. The portal is designed to assist you during the vaccine registration process and is hosted on our member mobile app and member self-service portals. It contains useful tips and information that will guide you, as a member, through this process. For that reason, we encourage you to complete the Covid-19 registration form on the hub, so that the Scheme can have your latest information. Click here to access the portal.

Vaccination certificate

You will receive your vaccination certificate from your vaccination site. Please keep it in a safe place, so that you can use it when you receive a follow-up dose, or when needing to travel.