AMALGAMATION: What if you do not choose an option?

If you do not choose a specific medical scheme option by 26 November 2021, you will automatically be moved (‘defaulted’) to the most appropriate option on Bonitas.

The Bonitas options have been selected to best meet the needs of the typical member on each of the NMAS Plans, as shown below:

If you are satisfied with the default Bonitas option for your current NMAS Plan, as shown below, you do not have to do anything at this stage.

Remember, however, that you will be able to choose a benefit option from the entire Bonitas range of fourteen benefit options, and that you can also choose from the options on the other medical schemes made available by the Employers.

You are encouraged to study all relevant amalgamation material, and to consult Alexander Forbes Health, who is available to help NMAS members with the election of a suitable benefit option, to make sure that you end up with the optimal benefit option for your individual needs and circumstances. The Alexander Forbes call centre contact number is 011 269 2690, or you can e-mail (for Nedbank employees and pensioners) or (for Old Mutual Insure employees and pensioners).

How to choose a medical scheme option other than your default option shown above


Please use the Employee Portal to select your new option.

Pensioners and OMI employees

Please use this link to select your new option.

Nedbank and Old Mutual Insure have confirmed that pensioner members who qualify for the post-retirement medical (PRMA) subsidy and are currently receiving the PRMA subsidy, will continue to receive the PRMA subsidy going forward provided they are members of one of the medical schemes offered by the employer, namely Bonitas Medical Fund, Bestmed Medical Scheme, or Discovery Health Medical Scheme.