Dental check-ups – for more than just a smile

Very few of us look forward to visiting a dentist – and many of us will conveniently ‘forget’ to go for a regular dental check up, until something goes wrong and the pain forces us to make an appointment!

But healthy teeth and gums are increasingly being proven as extremely important to our overall health. Research shows that bad oral hygiene, and therefore poor dental health, can lead to a worrying number of seemingly ‘unrelated’ and often serious diseases! Be sure to schedule annual dental check-ups for you and your dependants.

Here are some additional dental hygiene tips to ensure that you maintain good healthy, teeth and gums.

Brush your teeth properly – Up and down rather than sideways movements, and remember to also brush over your gums.

Floss regularly – It’s the only way to get plaque removed from between your teeth.

Ensure that your diet is teeth-friendly – Avoid too much sugar and very acidic foods.

Limit your intake of sodas and alcohol – These are well-known for their negative effect on the enamel protecting your teeth.