E-card hassles?

While many members have successfully downloaded their e-cards via their smartphones using the steps above, there are some members who have run into some technical difficulties. We share the typical FAQs, so that members with similar problems can hopefully use this information to successfully download their e-cards.

I sent a request for my e-card, but I have not received the OTP – what now?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is your phone compatible and does it have an android application?
  • Is the cell number you are using the same number registered with the Scheme?
  • Is the request from the principal member? If one of the dependants requests the OTP, it will be sent to the principal member’s registered cellphone number.
  • Did you insert the correct membership/ID number in the message box?

If you have answered ‘NO’ to any of the questions above, you would probably not receive the OTP.

What should I do if my cellphone number changes?

If your cellphone number has changed, please contact the Scheme to update your number, to ensure that the OTP is sent to the correct cellphone number.

How do I download my e-card?

Once you access the link, press down on the image until it gives you option to download. Choose the download option. The e-card will then be saved to your ‘downloads’ folder.

How do I forward my e-card to a dependant or healthcare provider?

Should you need to forward your e-card, use the e-mail or SMS option at the bottom of the screen.