Employee Day 2018: a life-saver!

This year’s Employee Day/Roadshow event is proving more popular than ever, and has potentially even saved two of our members’ lives!

The screening tests identified two members who had extremely high blood sugar and extremely high blood pressure, respectively. If these members did not attend the Roadshow and were not alerted to their serious health issues, they would not have known to take the required medical steps and their lives could have been in danger. This is especially true of the member with the high blood pressure, as many people are unaware that they have high blood pressure until it is too late, and the damage has already been done to their organs.

This year a total of 3 852 members attended the Roadshow, with 2 641 choosing to go for health screening tests.

Have a look at some of the photos taken at recent events and see if you can spot yourself or anyone you know!