Get to know a trustee

It is no surprise that Gideon Botha was elected by his fellow-trustees as Chairman of our Scheme’s Benefits Review Committee (which is tasked with evaluating and setting the benefits and contributions each benefit year).

With a strong background in financials, on the one hand, and a passion for and interest in healthcare and future studies, on the other hand, he is perfectly placed to help the Scheme become the best it can be for all members!

We recently met up with Gideon to get to know him better…

Q: What is your main message to members?

A: Value yourself – value your health, and invest in it. The healthier you are, the less money you will need to spend on healthcare. Moreover, it enables you to perform at your optimal peak mentally, physical and emotionally.

Q: Why did you initially make yourself available as a Trustee?

A: I am passionate about health – not just my own, but also that of my fellow-members and our country and even the world as a whole. I regard my skills set, experience and interest in optimised healthcare as an asset that could be valuable for the Scheme’s long-term success.

Q: How do you invest in your own health?

A: As if my own interest in health is not enough, I am engaged to a colorectal surgeon! She keeps us on the straight and narrow especially in terms of what I eat, and fortunately I have always loved the outdoors, so I’ve been involved in a variety of activities – from hiking, running, rowing, mountain-biking and climbing to scuba diving (although Johannesburg is not allowing me much opportunity for the scuba!).

Q: What is your professional background?

A: I am currently a Senior Financial Manager at Nedbank Home Loans, in Johannesburg, and previously worked as Group Accountant for Tenova Bateman and Group Financial Modeller for Health Partners International, amongst others.

Q: What are you currently focused on, and how do you see this benefiting the Scheme?

A: I am hopefully finishing my PhD, which revolves around developing a framework for price tariffs in the costing structures of South African private hospitals, later this year, and I am also busy with a postgraduate diploma in future studies at Stellenbosch. The learnings from these are equipping me even further to help future-proof our Scheme. It’s about looking into the future and finding innovative ways to balance healthcare costs and benefits.

Q: What is your commitment to the Scheme and your fellow-members?

A: I promise to use all my skills, experience and passion for health to help the Scheme find the optimal cost-benefit balance – where we can offer top-notch benefits to our members at the most reasonable contributions… and to do so in a sustainable way.