HealthPortal moves to HealthCloud

The good health of you and your loved ones is dependent on safe, reliable information. You now have access to health information that you can trust via the Scheme’s logged-in Member Zone.

Some members may have made use of articles and tutorials on the Health24 HealthPortal site. The HealthPortal site has been discontinued and a new HealthCloud site has been created as your one-stop-shop for health-related information.


When you’ve logged into the Nedgroup Member Zone, see at the top, right a menu tab called HealthCloud. When you click HealthCloud a new site page will open up on your screen where you can search, view, read and listen to audio recordings of health-specific information.

The HealthCloud database of content is regularly being updated, so keep visiting the site for updates on the information that you are interested in.

TIP: Check that the All Categories block is empty or contains a related topic to what you typed in the Search field. For example, you will not find any articles under the Arthritis category when searching for insulin. However, if you choose the Diabetes category and search Insulin you will see results.

Access to our Member Zone: If you have not yet registered to access the Member Zone, you can do so easily by going to On the Member Zone page, click LOGIN. When the Nedgroup Member Zone login page opens, click Create Account and follow the steps on the screen.