If you want to see a specialist

Please remember that all members except those on the Platinum Plan will in future have a 30% co-payment for consultations with specialists if they were not referred by their GP. This measure has been introduced to ensure co-ordinated care, and to minimise unnecessary costs.

To create a specialist referral, your GP can simply access the Medscheme interactive voice system to obtain a specialist referral number. The referral number will apply to either a type of specialist (for example, a dermatologist) or a specific specialist for a period of time that the GP decides on, which can be up to 6 months.

There are some exceptions to this rule and members will not need a specialist referral number in the following instances:

  • 1 visit per year to a gynaecologist for a gynaecological check-up and pap smear for female patients
  • 1 visit per year to a urologist for a check-up for male patients
  • Visits to a paediatrician for children under 1 year of age
  • Visits to optical and dental specialists
  • Maternity consultations by a gynaecologist
  • Medical management under the Prescribed Minimum Benefit treatment plan

In case of an emergency, where a patient had to consult a specialist without prior authorisation, a referral number can be obtained after the visit. Patients would need to contact their GP to obtain the referral number within 72 hours of the emergency.

Remember that obtaining a referral number from a GP is not a guarantee of full payment – specialist consultations will be paid up to the Medical Scheme Rate, or such rate as agreed with the specialist, and subject to your available benefits.