Make the most of the holidays

The summer holidays are ALL about celebrating with loved ones, after the long and stressful year we’ve just had. It’s also the time that many of us take a much-deserved break to soak up some sun, or unwind with a good book. The key is to take quality time off, and to enjoy your free time by doing things that YOU love to do.

Here are some tips to make the most of your holidays…

Be water and sun safe

  • If you and your loved ones are going to be spending time around water, always make sure that there is an adult present. At the beach, only swim where there is a lifeguard present.
  • Avoid exposure to the sun in the middle of the day and remember to wear protective sunglasses and a wide brimmed sun hat and regularly apply water-resistant sunscreen with a high enough sun protection factor (SPF).

Arrange down-time from tech

  • It is important to schedule time away from the technology that has taken over our lives.
  • Schedule time during which you will keep your tech switched off each day. Better yet, switch off your cellphone for a few days!
  • Shut down the computer and ignore your emails for as long as you can.
  • Give social media and television a break – even if only for a few days.

Refresh your mind and soul

  • Make family memories by involving the young ones in festive preparations, and sitting down and chatting with parents and grandparents. They will all appreciate the quality time spent with you far more than any gift you bought them.
  • Forget about ‘multitasking’ for a while and focus completely on whatever you are busy with at any given time, whether it is preparing or eating food, or having a real conversation with your loved ones.
  • Focus on what you have, rather than what you don’t have. Every night, before you go to sleep, do a mental rerun of your day and focus on those things that you can be grateful for.
  • Don’t stop at making exciting and fun plans for the festive season and the public holidays, but also think of something you would enjoy doing (or start doing) in 2022 that will make your life more rewarding and enjoyable, into the future.

Enjoy the festivities and still be healthy

Go for quality rather than quantity and do your best to cut back on especially processed foods high in sugars or unhealthy fats. For example:

  • Buy real fruit juice, rather than sugary sodas. Even better – mix some rooibos tea, fruit juice, lemon slices and ice for a refreshing and healthy drink.
  • Buy lots of fresh fruit and display it in a central area – most kids love fruit!
  • Put out tasty seeds and nuts as snacks, rather than peanuts and chips.
  • Treat your family to a quality dark chocolate, rather than bulk packets of sweets.

Don’t forget Covid-19

Unfortunately, the end-of-year holidays will most likely see our fourth Covid-19 wave. And although vaccination puts you at a far lower risk of infection and especially of developing complications, there are still people who become really ill when they catch Covid-19. It therefore makes sense to remain alert, limit social exposure, and continue with mask-wearing and all the other Covid-precautions we have become used to. Limit the number of people that you invite to social gatherings, and think carefully before attending any event where large numbers of people are present, or where Covid-19 protocols are not adhered to.