Never give up on a goal

We asked our Principal Officer, Julia le Roux, to tell us about her fourth Ironman experience. According to Julia, it was far from easy – but it taught her an important lesson: Never give up on a goal! Read her inspirational story for yourself…

“In April 2018 I participated in my 4th Ironman South Africa event. I did not have an ideal build up for the race. I fell very ill last year and took 4 weeks to recover. In December I even considered withdrawing from the event.

The swimming went fine, but the bike leg (my weakest discipline) was very challenging. Everything went well until the 135 km mark, but I really struggled in the headwind coming back. Every time I hit a super low and said a prayer for help, an athlete or spectator would shout a word of encouragement to lift my spirit.

After what seemed like a never-ending bike ride, I entered transition feeling a little broken. I tend to struggle with ‘hot feet’ on the bike, so my feet were aching. And then came the time to set off on the run…

I knew it would be hard. My feet really hurt. So I said to myself – suck it up, buttercup, and try to run 10 kilometres in 70 minutes. My family was there to support me, which really helped me to stay focussed on my goal.

Coming onto the red carpet is a magical experience and I feel so thankful to have managed to do so successfully again. The cherry on the cake was that I achieved my goal of finishing in under 15 hours!

This Ironman taught me that I should never give up on a goal, and that mental strength is sometimes even more important than physical strength.”