New post-operative care puts patient first

Anyone who has been in hospital for an operation would know that it is not the most conducive environment to recuperate, being noisy and far from loved ones and the comforts of home. An enhancement to the Scheme’s home treatment policy makes this option more attractive than ever.

Previously, the Scheme allowed for certain home-based care (in the place of hospitalisation) to be covered, subject to authorisation and managed care protocols. This usually involved a specific period (number of days) during which nursing would be offered at the member’s home.

This benefit has been expanded since early October to cover home-based care for three days directly following a qualifying member’s/beneficiary’s discharge from hospital. Having a nurse present will hold the following benefits:

  • When the member/beneficiary returns home, the nurse can make sure that the environment is safe and optimal for the member’s/beneficiary’s recovery.
  • The nurse can remind the member/beneficiary to take medication.
  • To prevent falls and injuries and generally help the member/beneficiary recover better, the nurse can assist them with bathing, dressing and walking.