Pharmacy deliveries during lockdown: Chronic medicine

During the lockdown period retail pharmacies will remain open, as they are classified as providing an essential healthcare service.

However, should you prefer not to visit your retail pharmacy during the lockdown, but still wish to obtain medicine, you can contact them to find out about their home delivery services. Most pharmacies make such services available to regular customers.

Alternatively, you can receive your chronic medicine via courier pharmacy, as there are a number of courier pharmacies the Scheme’s contracted pharmacy network.

For members on the Hospital Plan, Pharmacy Direct is the Designated Service Provider (DSP) for chronic medicine. Members on the other Plans can also choose from Pharmacy Direct, Dis-Chem Direct, Clicks Direct Medicines and Medipost, who are all part of the pharmacy network.

For members/beneficiaries on all Plans except Hospital Plan who use biological drugs, Pharmacy Direct is the DSP.

You can contact Pharmacy Direct on 086 002 7800, or email