The Council for Medical Schemes (CMS) and the Trustees of the Scheme understand that the COVID-19 pandemic is having a significant financial impact on many members. However, it is a time when membership of a medical scheme is more important than ever, and we therefore want to minimise the risk of members’ membership being suspended because of non-payment of contributions.

One way in which the Scheme can assist members on the Savings and Comprehensive Plans who may be struggling to afford their contributions during this pandemic, is to offset their contributions from their medical savings account, if they have sufficient accumulated savings (no advance allocations to their savings account will be taken into account).

The Scheme was granted an exemption by the CMS to allow members with accumulated savings to request that such accumulated savings be used to offset contributions, for a limited period ending 31 July 2020.

Will you qualify for this concession?

There are a number of conditions that have to be met before contribution deductions can be made in this way.

1. Are you on a Plan with a personal medical savings account, in other words the Savings Plan or Comprehensive Plan? YES/NO
2. Do you have accumulated savings in your medical savings account to cover at least a full month’s contribution? (If you want two months’ contributions covered in this way, you would need to have accumulated savings in your medical savings account to cover both these contributions in full.) YES/NO
3. Are you in financial good standing with the Scheme, in other words, you have not defaulted on any payments to the Scheme in the past 12 months? YES/NO

If you can answer YES to all three the questions above, you may qualify for this concession. Contact the Scheme on nedgroupregistry@medscheme.co.za to request that your situation be considered. Each application will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

How may this concession impact you negatively?

We trust that this concession may assist many of our members who may be experiencing financial hardship at present. At the same time, we urge members to think very carefully before they apply. Keep in mind that while you may have enough in accumulated savings to cover some of your contributions, making use of this facility may deplete your medical savings account, making it more difficult to afford medical services that would normally have been covered from your savings, for the rest of the year.