Positive feedback from our members

It is always wonderful to hear from members about their positive experiences with the Scheme. After inviting members to share their experiences, we received the following lovely story from one such member:

I had an awesome experience with the Nedgroup scheme.

I suffered for several years with abdominal pains, it was quite severe. I had sleepless nights and couldn’t study for exams. I used painkillers for quite some time and at some point they couldn’t help remove this unbearable pain, until one day. One day my skin started turning a yellow colour, as well as all my bodily fluids. I was scared, relocated to Johannesburg without my mother or family so I was quite lonely.

Anyway long story short, I was admitted immediately for several procedures. I could not answer all the questions so I was left in the dark. But dealing with the several Nedgroup consultants helped take that load off of me.

Before I was admitted, I did not know what costs were involved and if my doctors or surgeons were on the network. Luckily most of them were. But all the paperwork and all my queries regarding the surgery, checking in the hospital and post op recoveries went super seamless because of the load of information that one receives from Nedgroup. All the checklists, and other paperwork helped alleviate any discrepancies in my procedure and recovery.

Going for surgeries is never easy! I had a Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography, which ended up giving me an infection ultimately suffering from Acute pancreatitis, caused internal bleeding and a whole lot of other issues I am glad to be healed from. Then went onto a laparoscopic cholecystectomy and recovered so beautifully!

Thank you Nedgroup for making this entire process seamless and taking the stress off of me, so that I could focus and my full recovery and getting back to Nedbank to do great things! I am blessed to have had the support I did from Nedgroup and Nedbank as a whole. To this day, I don’t take my health for granted and always encourage my family and friends to never ignore pains in their bodies!

Best regards,

Craig Barnes
Customer Insights Analyst | GBS Service Management | Nedbank Limited

Thanks for the feedback, Mr Barnes; we love your positive attitude!

One of our many friendly and efficient Contact Centre agents, Jade Hudson, recently received the following heartfelt thanks from a long-standing member of the Scheme, Mr Eddie De Souza.

It is very difficult in today’s time and age to find a person who is dedicated to their members and their company.

Jade is no exception to the rule. She has been my pillar of strength even when Francis my wife was alive, in no time she gives a positive answer to our medication needs.

I suggest you guys keep her happy and take care of her. The one hand washes the other. She has an air of positivity around her and it is a blessing in my life to deal with such a great awesome lady.

Jade, keep up the good work. Your reward in Heaven will be in full.

I trust your superiors give you the best of rewards as well.

Thanking you,

Kind regards,

Eddie De Souza

Thanks for the kind words, Mr De Souza, and we wish you all the best!