Pregnant or planning a baby?

You can find extensive information on the Scheme’s maternity benefits, plus pregnancy related tools and information, on the Scheme’s Maternity Benefits webpage.

For example, the Scheme offers specific benefits during your pregnancy, for the birth itself, and even after birth.

Also be sure to read the section on ‘The case for natural birth’, as it offers quite a bit information on why – if you and your baby are healthy and good candidates for natural birth – an elective Caesarean section (also called C-section) is not necessarily your best option. The Scheme has been seeing a steady increase in neonatal complications over the years, and often these cases have been as a result of elective C-sections well before the baby’s due date. You can read this article about the risks of early elective C-sections for more information. (This does not mean that C-sections are ‘wrong’ – in many cases it is the best or even the only option, for both mother and baby!)

In addition, the Scheme’s YourHealthPortal (accessible via the logged-in Member Zone) offers moms-to-be a very handy tool, offering weekly bite-sized emails with interesting information about:

  • what is happening in your body that week,
  • how your baby would be developing during that week, and
  • what you need to do (if anything)

There is also a wide range of more general articles around pregnancy and babies on the Portal – simply type an appropriate search term to access this information.