Save money and extend your benefits

There are various ways in which your decisions about healthcare procedures and providers may be costing you more than necessary. See how you could save money by adjusting some of your healthcare habits.

Use the Scheme’s pharmacy network to avoid unnecessary co-payments.
Use a doctor/specialist on the Network to avoid unnecessary co-payments.
Consider paying in cash and then claiming back to get discounts.
Get a quote from the doctor before undergoing any procedure and check with the Contact Centre how much will be paid.
Ask for generic medicine whenever possible.
If you are registered for chronic medicine, consider using Pharmacy Direct as courier pharmacy, so that you can save travelling costs and avoid the possibility that your medication may be out of stock.
Think twice about undergoing elective surgery procedures.
If your doctor recommends a particular line of treatment and you feel uncertain about whether it is necessary, ask for a second opinion.
If an operation is scheduled for the afternoon or evening, arrange for hospital admission after 12pm.
Maintain a healthy lifestyle, as prevention is always the better option.
Make healthier choices to avoid or better manage lifestyle-related chronic conditions.
Use the screening tests and vaccines offered as part of your Health Screening Benefits to identify potential lifestyle diseases early.