Should you register for chronic medicine?

Make sure chronic medicines don’t deplete your acute medicine limits

One of the ways in which the Scheme helps members to stretch their benefits, is to keep a look out for claims that seem to indicate members who are repeatedly claiming, under their acute medicine benefit, for medicine that potentially appears to be for a chronic condition.

The Scheme will contact these members to check whether they are in fact claiming for an unauthorised chronic product or have simply not registered on the Chronic Medicine Management Programme. If relevant, the Scheme will help these members to register on the Chronic Medicine Management Programme to ensure that they can receive enhanced benefits and will not unnecessarily deplete their acute medicine benefits (or PMSA, where relevant), or advise them which authorised chronic medicine they should use, instead.

But we cannot pick up all these cases… so if you are often claiming for the same medicine from your acute medicine benefit, check whether your condition isn’t perhaps one of the chronic conditions covered by the Scheme. You can read more about the chronic conditions covered, and how to register on the Programme, by clicking here.

If you are uncertain, simply call us on 0860 100 080 and we’ll help you check whether it would be possible for you to join the Chronic Medicine Management Programme, to ensure that you receive appropriate care for your condition.