Sneak preview of benefits for 2021

Given the ongoing uncertainty around the effect that the Covid-19 pandemic will have on the Scheme and its members, the Trustees have taken a very prudent approach in determining the benefits for 2021.

Benefits will generally simply be increased by the inflation rate, and there are few changes to benefits themselves.

However, in line with the Trustees wish to increasingly empower members to improve their health pro-actively, there are two changes to which all members can look forward in 2021!


  • The Scheme’s GoSmokeFree programme will be available on all Plans and be paid from the overall annual limit, rather than reducing members’ Everyday Services Benefits in any way. If ever you wanted to kick the habit, 2021 seems to be the perfect opportunity!


  • NEW: Being overweight or obese has an effect not only on physical health, but often also on psychological health. The Scheme will therefore be introducing a Weight Management Programme from 2021 to support members with serious weight issues to regain control of their weight and general wellbeing.

In addition, because dental health is so important to general wellbeing, members on the Hospital Network Plan can now look forward to an additional Everyday Services Benefit if they need to consult a dentist for a specific problem.

Keep a look-out for the Benefit Year 2021 communication, which should reach you before the end of October 2020, for more information about these exciting developments!