Flu vaccination – check if your pharmacy has stock

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the recommendation for people to have a flu vaccination to reduce the pressure on the healthcare system and to safeguard their own health, more flu vaccinations than usual are being used this year. In addition, government has announced that flu vaccines in South Africa will be reserved for healthcare workers, due to their increased health risk during the pandemic. This means that the stock of flu vaccinations available to the public is running low.

We still encourage members to do their best to get a flu vaccination this year, especially if they are in a higher risk category due to age or an existing medical condition. See this article to see why.

More stocks have been ordered, but due to the global demand, delivery cannot be guaranteed. That means that although some pharmacies may have stock, not all would.

TIP: To avoid an unnecessary trip and the increased risk of infection in doing so, first check with your pharmacy whether they have a flu vaccination available for you.