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Personal Health Record (PHR) is a simple, easy-to-use app that gives you access to your complete health record anywhere, any time… plus great lifestyle tools to live better.

You can use it to find information on your condition, surgical procedures and medication.

You can also use it to:

  • View your medical history including immunisations and allergies.
  • Track your health measurements such as blood pressure results and blood sugar levels.
  • Earn reward badges for healthy behaviour.
  • View your doctor visits and hospital admissions.
  • See how healthy you are with a Health Risk Assessment.
  • Connect a wearable device and track your activity and calories burned.


The Nedgroup Personal Health Record can be activated from both a PC and smartphone.

On a PC, you can access the PHR via the logged-in Member Zone.


The PHR app is currently in development and not yet available on iOS for Apple devices.

Please note: Before you can access your PHR details, call 0860 100 080 to give consent to activate your PHR. You can start using your PHR via the logged-in Member Zone as soon as it has been activated (usually within 24 hours of giving consent).


NedChat is our all-in-one live chat app that puts you in one-on-one contact with a scheme representative – Mondays to Fridays from 8:30 to 17:00.


  • Clarify simple enquiries without having to call the Contact Centre or sending emails.
  • Ask benefit and/or claims-related questions.
  • Attach documentation (even claims) to a message and forward it directly to the consultant.
  • Send a photo of any document as an attachment.
  • View an electronic version of your membership card.


  • Smartphones: The NedChat functionality is currently available on Android and Apple iOS platforms. Simply download NedChat free from, or search NedChat via your mobile app store and start chatting!
  • Desktop computers and laptops: This service is also available to registered users in the logged-in zone on the NMAS website by clicking on the NedChat widget/icon.


Use our responsive member app to –

  • access your latest benefit limits,
  • see and update beneficiary details,
  • check service provider claims,

– and lots more!

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