Retiring and Continuation Members

What happens when a member retires?

If you belong to the Scheme before you retire, you can choose to continue to belong to the Scheme, in which case you will be called a continuation member. (Retirees who were not members of the Scheme before retirement do not qualify for membership after retirement.)


If you choose to leave the Scheme after retirement, you cannot join the Scheme again at a later stage.


What happens if the member passes away?

If the member passes away, dependants have the choice to become continuation members. In such a case, the Scheme needs to receive the following documents within three months of the member’s date of death to ensure continuation membership for the dependants:

  1. Copy of the death certificate of the member.
  2. Copy of the ID of the surviving spouse/ beneficiary.
  3. Copy of bank statement or cancelled cheque to upload bank details for debit order/refund purposes.
  4. Proof of income of the continuation member who will become the new main member – SARS assessment (ITA34) or Scheme affidavit.


Dependants of a deceased member who elect not to join the Nedgroup Medical Aid Scheme following the member’s death do not qualify to join the Scheme at a later stage.

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