Your responsibilities

As a member

  • Understand how the Scheme and specific Plans work by reading the Member Guide and all communication sent to you by the Scheme.
  • Keep the Scheme up to date on any changes to your membership details.
  • Check whether the correct contributions are deducted from your salary/pension or bank account. (Child dependants 23 years or older will pay the adult dependant contribution.)
  • Check all accounts from service providers as well as your statements and claims advices from the Scheme to make sure that all your details are correct and that your claims have been processed correctly. This will also help to identify fraud.
  • Inform the Scheme before you are admitted to hospital or within 24 hours of an emergency admission to hospital.
  • File all your documentation regarding the Scheme so that you can refer to it if necessary.
  • Keep your membership card in a safe place so that no-one else can use it fraudulently.
  • Choose a Plan that best suits your needs. Although HR and Medscheme as administrator can offer you information, neither of these parties is allowed to offer you financial advice such as which Plan to choose.

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