Tips to avoid infection

This article offers specific advice for and recommendations to pensioners and those staff who are able to work from home or are not working during lockdown. Some of this may not apply to those of you who still go to work in essential services. (And we thank you for continuing your work in these testing times, and wish you all the best.)

The most important thing to remember that, for most of the part, COVID-19 cannot come to you; you have to ‘go to the virus’, so to speak, to become infected. There are exceptions, and we will cover those.  But the main message remains: STAY AT HOME. 

Don’t be tempted to view going shopping each day as an opportunity to ‘get out of the house’ – the more you move outside your home; the greater your risk for infection.

So here are some practical tips:


  • Online food/produce deliveries, if possible, make far more sense than shopping for yourself. That avocado in the shop may have been squeezed by countless hands before yours.
  • Most pharmacies deliver – simply give the pharmacy a call to arrange for this.

If you DO have to go out to shop for food or visit pharmacy/doctor, etc.

  • Preferably drive.
  • Buy enough stocks (without overstocking) so that you do not need to do so often.
  • Consider wearing a mask.


  • Online ordering and deliveries of food – bear in mind that the person packing your produce or other foodstuffs may have been infected but oblivious, so it would make sense to disinfect deliveries as far as possible.
  • Disinfect the handles of your refuse bin after refuse collection day.

AVOID BRINGING COVID-19 BACK WITH YOU (this also applies to staff who are part of essential services and need to go out)

  • Consider leaving your shoes outside the house when coming home.
  • Wash your hands with soap immediately on entering your home, for a minimum of 20 seconds.
  • Disinfect your cellphone, pens and loose items with an alcohol-based sanitiser.
  • Consider showering and putting your clothes in the wash before meeting with your family.

Disinfection options (depending on specific items)

  • Good old soap and water
  • 20 ml bleach in 1 l water
  • Alcohol-based (min 60-70%) hand sanitiser