Are you using Personal Health Record yet?

To help you and your healthcare providers to make the best possible healthcare decisions and ensure your optimal state of health by having quick and easy access to your health information in one location, the Scheme has created an electronic record of each member’s personal health information, which includes symptoms, allergies, tests results and diagnoses, as well as treatments (including medication) that it has on record for that member. It also contains personal health information about such a member’s lifestyle.

The Scheme would like to share your available health and lifestyle information with you and your healthcare providers. The benefit of your GP having access to all this latest clinical information is that he/she would be able to make better treatment decisions. There will not be a need for repeat diagnostic tests and treatment that have already been tried – which also means that your benefits could last longer!

How to get your Personal Health Record (PHR) up and running

We need your consent to:

  • Create an electronic health record for you that contains all your available health and lifestyle information, and
  • Share your information with your treating healthcare providers. (You and your treating healthcare providers are the only people who will have access to your personal information. If you use the PHR tools, only you will access your information.)

To give consent, simply contact a service consultant by emailing Once you give consent via the Contact Centre, you can access your Personal Health Record within 24 hours by:

  • Downloading the free PHR app from the Google Play Store, or
  • Visiting the Scheme’s Member zone via this link.

Connect you fitness tracking device

The PHR tool allows you to connect the following devices to log and track your activity:

  • Fitbit
  • Garmin
  • Polar
  • Tom-Tom
  • Google Fit
  • Apple Health
  • Suunto