We heard you!

Our Scheme is ultimately about meeting our members’ needs, as far as possible. That’s why we held focus groups with members some months ago, and (following from this research) why we will be implementing certain changes for the 2020 benefit year.

The main changes relate to differentiating more between the different Plans in terms of affordability, on the one side of the Plan spectrum, and benefits offered, on the other side. The Hospital Plan (which will be renamed Hospital Network Plan) will now be even more affordable, in exchange for members using specific hospitals, while the higher-end Plans will have some additional enhancements, with Platinum Plan also seeing quite an increase in the Routine Medical Benefit limit. Members will also be glad to know that the maternity benefits have been significantly enhanced.

Another change that will be welcomed by many members is that the income bands used for contribution calculations have been adjusted upwards, which means that many members who used to be in the highest income band on a Plan, even though they were earning less than R10 000 pm, will now be in a lower or even the lowest income band for that Plan, and therefore qualify for the lower contributions.

The focus group feedback also highlighted certain admin enhancements we should make behind the scenes, and provided insight into members’ changing communication needs.

Keep a look out for more detailed communication around the new benefit year, which will be sent out from mid-October.