Wellness Benefits up for grabs

The aim of the Scheme’s Wellness Benefits is to encourage members to take care of their health and wellbeing by going for a general health consultation once a year and to keep track of their results.

The Wellness Benefits consist of two types of preventative benefits. The first is a pharmacy-based Wellness Benefit (available to members on all Plans) where members can have two sets of health screenings done at a network pharmacy clinic, or attend wellness events at their workplace during the year (please look out for posters at work promoting these wellness events). The second range of preventative tests shown on the diagram are non-pharmacy based screening tests (available to members on all Plans except the Hospital Plan), and can be conducted by a GP or specialist .

This benefit is separate from your Everyday Services Benefits and is not paid from these limits (although they are subject to the use of the correct diagnostic and tariff codes as well as the correct DSP), so it really makes sense to use them to pick up potential health problems in good time.

Please see the chapter on Wellness Benefits in your member guide for more information.