Outstanding 2021 claims and PMSA balances

Dear ex-NMAS member

We wish you a healthy 2022, and all the best with your new scheme membership! To help tie up any loose ends, this letter explains –

  • how you should go about claiming outstanding 2021 invoices, and
  • what will happen to positive balances in members’ Personal Medical Savings Accounts (PMSA), if relevant.

If you have medical claims from 2021 that must still be submitted

By now you have been registered on your new medical scheme and can claim from this new scheme for medical services and products you receive from 1 January 2022 onwards.

However, remember that any qualifying medical services and products that you received in 2021 but for which you have not yet claimed, must still be claimed from Nedgroup Medical Aid Scheme (NMAS).

As there is a limited period during which these claims will be processed, this is a friendly reminder of how you can submit your claims, and by when you need to do so.

How do I submit outstanding claims for 2021?

By when do I need to have submitted all outstanding claims for 2021?

To ensure that your claims are processed before the wind-down deadline of 30 April 2022, please submit all your outstanding 2021 claims before 6 April 2022.

If you have a positive balance in your PMSA once all claims have been settled

To ensure that outstanding claims can still be covered in accordance with the Scheme’s rules, PMSA balances (for those members who were on NMAS Plans with a savings component) will be kept at NMAS until the end of April 2022.

After this date any positive balance will be –

  • transferred to the amalgamation scheme, Bonitas, who will transfer the savings balance to these members’ new medical scheme if they selected or were defaulted to a scheme option with a medical savings account, or
  • paid out to these members by the end of May 2022, if they selected a scheme option without a savings account.

If you have any questions or concerns about your outstanding 2021 claims, or PMSA balance, please contact NMAS by emailing nedgroup.enquiries@medscheme.co.za, or calling 0860 100 080.